Yokohama's small scale venue

The performance space itself measures just 56 square meters, with a seating capacity of 40 to 60. Yet even though it is a small space with limited resources, ST Spot relies on the unlimited powers of imagination and creativity. Since it opened on November 18, 1987, ST Spot has worked to present a wide variety of creative works from Japan and around the world. While the bulk of the work at ST Spot is theater and dance, the space also often hosts music, film, gallery exhibits, and other creative activities.


ST Spot is an experimental performance space that was established in November 1987. It is supported by the City of Yokohama and its operations are overseen by the ST Spot Board of Directors. Our mission is to encourage regional artists and develop cultural activities in Yokohama. We have presented various productions of our own and offered a diverse variety of opportunities to artists. ST Spot is not just a performance space, but also an on-going adventure exploring what a small arts organization can accomplish.

Mission and Activities

ST Spot Yokohama is the non-profit organization that manages ST Spot with the objective of creating and promoting new arts activities. Established in 1987, ST Spot is a small organization with an energetic, experimental spirit that offers a place to create and show self produced work. It maintains well-developed publicity services as well as an active network of artists.

As an instrument for initiating arts activities in the area, ST Spot is using its core activities as a basis for working toward a non-profit organization format while organically developing its ties to other arts organizations. With this perspective, it aims to deepen the cultural activities of the community.